John Zorn's COBRA
Tokyo Operation's '98 Sunday, April 5 at LA MAMA

"Cobra" is a project of musical game piece, concieved by John Zorn in 1984. Each time, a different organizer brings in 10 or more of his/her peers to play. The game requires a prompter (a role Koichi Makigami fills in Tokyo) and agile musicians who improvise using cards, hand signals, and headbands to create teams, duos, and improvised sections with the entire group. Full of esprit, a piece begins only to have cartoon jingles, improvisations, music sequences and fragments interfere. It's high art and high comedy. The Cobra phenomenon has exploded in the past few years, and performances are now taking place monthly at the Knitting Factory, NY as well as in San Francisco and Tokyo.

Etsuko Takezawa: koto
Hirohiko Ohtsubo: contrabass
June Chikuma: nai, riqq (organizer)
Kaoru Akimoto: guitar
Keisuke Ohta: violin
Kimitaka Matsumae: synthesizer (MS-20), sampler
Kuniyoshi Sugawara: shakuhachi
Masaki Yoshimi: indian tabla
Shingo Ikegami: shamisen
Yoshiko Matsuda: oud
Yutaka Fukuoka: voice

Koichi Makigami: prompter

Date / Time
Sunday, April 5
7: 00 p.m. start (6:30 p.m. open)

Shibuya LA MAMA (3mnts. on foot from the Shibuya Station)
address: Primera Dogenzaka B1, 1-15-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
phone: 03-3464 0801

advance sale 1.700 yen + Drink (600 yen)
on the day 2.000 yen + Drink (600 yen)

puzzlin office tel: 03-5386-5546 fax: 03-5386-5547 email:

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