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Pastoral Sound Co. Ltd. was established on the 9th May, 1979. It has been active for 27 years. The president is Yushinobu Sonoda. Main business is the sound production and effects for TV, Videos, Theatre, etc.

Pastoral Sound has moved. New address is as followings. Jan 1st, 2004

2-4-12 Okuzawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 158-0083 JAPAN
TEL. 03-5701-7077 FAX. 03-5701-5885

Yoshinobu Sonoda

Yoshinobu Sonoda
Sound coordinator, Producer and Sound effects man

I graduated from Tamagawa University (Major: theatre) in 1968. My father Houryu Sonoda was a pioneer of sound effects in Japan. After working in Tokyo Sound Production, New World Music Publishing, Sei-hai Music Publishing, I founded Pastoral Sound Co. Ltd. in 1979. I established Pastorale Records, CD label. I am a committee member of Japan Musicians' Union, a director of Japan Theatre Sound Effects Association and a lecturer of Tamagawa University (sound effects).

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