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Koto & Jushichi-gen(17 string Koto) player

Miki Maruta Miki Maruta

Koto, Jushichi-gen(17 string Koto) player, and Singer

Studied under Prof.Tadao Sawai and Kazue Sawai. Graduated from Takasaki Art Center College at the head of class. After the success in NHK Audition in 1990, taught Koto as a visiting performer at Wesleyan University in USA for 2 years. Participated in Sound Symposium in Canada('92). Selected as a trainee of Internship by the Japanese Agency of Cultural Affairs('94). Participated in 12th Interlink Festival('95), Tampere Music Festival in Finland('96), Butch Morris' "Conduction" Tour in USA('98). Also performed in South Corea, invited by Modern Music Society. Performed in the concert "Hibiki no Renaissance" at Kanagawa Music Hall with Terry Riley('99). Member of Tadao Sawai Ensemble, Koto Vortex and Monophony Consort. As a soloist, did first performance of contemporary works, recordings and improvisations.

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