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Speech for Dr. Ahmed Fathi by Yoshiko Matsuda in Cairo 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am very happy to share with you this musical night of the great artist from Yemen, Dr. Ahmed Fathi. Today, we have a great chance to enjoy his beautiful music. As you already know, all the arab people call him the 'King of the Oud'. He is really one of the best singers, composers and oud players of today.
When I met him in Japan and in Cairo last year, his music touched me very much. As I am also a oud player, I asked him to teach me some techniques. He then answered to me: "Yoshiko, what is important is not technique. Music is born from here(the head) and from here(the heart and soul)". Since then, his words became a golden rule for me.
So each time I play or compose, I try to play with my intelligence, feeling and soul.
From one side, keeping his origin of Yemen, his music has also an universal character and the spirit of his own personality. So,many people in the world of different cultures: for example Americans, Europeans and even Japanese can understand and feel his great art even if they are not so accustomed to listen to Arabic music.
By the way, he has his own big orchestra called 'Rooa(multiple visions)'. But today we can enjoy his solo performance. So we are very lucky to listen to and feel his amazing playing of oud, his marvelous way of singing, the finesse of his compositions with delicacy and also with power.
I'm sure that his name shoud be remembered forever all over the world.
I hope we enjoy his concert with happiness and with tarab(extacy). Thank you very much for your attention.

Yoshiko Matsuda,
Professor of Tama Art University.
Oud player of le Club Bachraf, giving concerts in many arab countries.
the 3rd May, 2010
Cultural and Creation Forum at Republic of Yemen Embassy,Cairo, Egypt


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